1st call for STSMs and ITC CGs applications

ML4NGP is excited to announce the 1st call for Short Term Sscientific Missions and ITC Conference Grants applications. We encourage all eligible candidates to review the scientific aims of ML4NGP COST action and submit their applications accordingly. The STSMs and ITC CGs must align with the objectives and goals of ML4NGP working groups:


NGPs primary experimental data generation, curation and deposition


Machine learning and NGP structural biology


Assessment of state-of-the-art ML approached in the NGP field


Improve functional characterization of NGPs

The first application call is open between 14 April to 15 May 2023.

All missions and participations can take place any timeĀ from June to October 2023.

The detailed information regarding each working group can be found on the website (https://ml4ngp.eu/research/).

For guidelines related to the application process, please refer to our STSM (https://ml4ngp.eu/stsms/) and ITC CGs (https://ml4ngp.eu/itc-cg/) pages.